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Active Strategic Management

  • Wealth Management / Financial Planning

    Wealth management is an investment advisory discipline that incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services. Contact a Paisley Financial Associate to learn more about how we can provide for you. 

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  • 401 K Plans

    A 401k retirement plan is a special account funded through pre-tax payroll deductions. Funds in the account can be invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other assets, and are not taxed on any capital gains, dividends, or interest until withdrawn.

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  • IRA Rollovers

    An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account, and provides either a tax-deferred or tax-free way of saving for retirement. There are many varieties of IRA's please read more on the link below to see which is right for you.

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  • Educational Plans

    A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle in the United States designed to encourage saving for the future higher education expenses of a designated beneficiary. Many different plans exist. Learn more to see which is right for you.

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  • Alternative Investments

    Alternative investments are instruments such as physical gold or other commodity based ETF's such as oil or lumber which can be used as a hedge or inflation hedge against an overall portfolio.

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  • Independent Research

    Paisley Financial provides timely and accurate research on markets, companies and industries. Our team offers more than three decades of experience as well as time held relationships with industry experts that will bring the highest quality of knowledge to our customers.

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Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Most people picture Wealth Management as being some broker sitting behind a desk managing a portfolio of investments, where the client hands over some cash and the wealth manager invests it. While it is true that the investment side is an extremely important piece of the picture it is not the whole picture. Simply handing over your cash in the hope that some random person can get you a good rate of return is not Wealth Management and it's not good business either. As 2008 proved you'd might as well just go to the casino if you don't have faith in your Advisor.

Understand that at Paisley Financial our highly experienced managers are not throwing you into some mutual funds, walking away and waiting for your quarterly or semi-annual review. That strategy may have worked in the past but we are in a much different era now. So in most cases we are actively working that portfolio almost every day looking for opportunities that will give you the edge over everyone else in the world. Whether its grinding out premium, laying on protective option hedges to protect you against downside risk during volatile times or finding those under valued securities that can outperform the market in good times, you can be sure your Paisley Advisor is there every day working on out-performing the competition.

Beyond the market side, this is still a service based industry so at Paisley Financial, Wealth Management is about someone sitting down with you and really understanding you and your relationship with money. How you value it, how much you value it, what you want to do with it, how much you have and what it will free you to do with your life if managed properly.

In simple terms you have spent your life earning money so now what? From our perspective we see our job to make that money deliver on everything you wanted it to and as efficiently as possible. Our objective is to deliver you peace of mind, by knowing that your goals and aspirations are now our goals and aspirations for you. It is our design to turn your goals into a reality through a multi-faceted process.

Discovery Process:

This is where we will take the time to listen. This is where we want to know about you, your values, your relationships, your attitudes towards money and most important, your dreams. All this information will help us design a layout of your true financial needs.

Investment Planning:

This is where we will define your risk tolerance and needs over the long term. This is where we will set a time horizon and develop that roadmap for your future. We will define a benchmark for tracking that road map, discuss asset classes to be used and rate of return objectives, define how the investment capital will be allocated and of course establish a defined plan for making any periodic readjustments, if necessary.

On-going Communication & Commitment:

Communication is always important but on the investment manager it is crucial to their success as well as the investor. Regularly scheduled meetings, will help us make sure the ship is sailing in the right direction and also allow us to continually get to know you more. We will review the progress toward your goals and determine if any significant changes have occurred in your life since the last time we met. If not, we can touch base on the high level points. Although our regular hours are from 7AM to 9PM Central time, if need be, you can usually reach us after hours as someone will be monitoring the overseas markets. We do warn you, that if you call when the markets are quiet it may be a long phone call, as we love to talk about the markets!

Once you become a Paisley Financial client I'm sure you will enjoy the experience. We love what we do, we love our clients and we do things the old school way where a handshake used to be how you do business. Trust, reputation and honor is how you build a long term relationship. We know it takes a little longer to get there but we feel, in the end it is the only way to go. We are here for the long haul.

Should you have any questions please give us a call anytime!