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We Are Different

  • Risk Management

    We manage portfolio risk by transferring the risk to another party to reduce the negative effect of risk upon the individual's portfoilio.

  • Tailored Strategies

    We offer a variety of strategies from long term fundamental to automated technical models to risk off or tail hedging strategies built for times of uncertainty.

Executive Team

All you need to know about the Paisley Financial Executive Team.

MORGAN W. PAISLEY - CEO Morgan is acting CEO of paisley Financial. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelors in Science. While at USM he was elected Mr. USM and served as President of his fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon). He started as a runner on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and worked his way up to the head of risk management. He handles Corporate Hedging for Grain Elevators, Feed Yards, Ethanol Plants and Banking Institutions.

Morgan has appeared on, or has been quoted by news organizations such as CNN, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Media Post and Investor’s Business Daily. Morgan has a genuine interest in helping people and in turn they have helped him get to where he is today.

ANTHONY J. KRCMAR - COO Anthony Krcmar has been assisting investors in wisely protecting their assets & investments for over 15 years. Like Morgan, he also started as a runner at the CBOT and worked his way up to a Floor Trader and then Analyst with Shearson / Lehman Brothers. here he developed and coded market trading models based on technical and quantitative analysis. This experience has strongly helped him understand both sides of the global economic picture.

Anthony is one of the original owners of Project Leadership Associates, a 250 seat IT firm in Downtown Chicago. His leadership and business understanding was integral to growing the firm to 250 people in 7 years in which they averaged 20% annual growth. This experience has helped him understand the business cycle from the ground up. Consequently, this has translated to a strong business acumen that assists in the analysis of equity investment valuation.

As the Director of Research at Paisley Financial, Mario is in charge of leading the equity research group, participating on the investment committee, monitoring and developing investment strategy, setting asset allocation policy, and producing strategy reports. He relies heavily on macroeconomic theory to forecast how political, economic and market events will affect portfolio performance.

Prior to Paisley Financial, Mario spent four years with Zacks Investment Research as a Senior Equity analyst covering the homebuilding and machinery sectors. He began working in equity research as a Junior analyst at Zacks under Ian Madsen, CFA. Mario received his MBA from DePaul University in 2005, and a B.S. in Commerce in 1999, also from DePaul University. He holds a Series 65 license.

Common Questions

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

Currently, our minimum account size is $200,000 (for non-401k accounts), although under some circumstances we will accept accounts less than $200,000. More important, however, than satisfying a minimum account size criteria, we are looking for long-term client relationships. It is important to us to establish a relationship with our clients where we are satisfied that our investment style will meet your needs over the long run.

There is no single approach that encompasses every individual but we offer a wide variety of different trading and investment strategies from long term fundamental strategies to automated technical models to risk off, tail hedging. All strategies can be tailored to fit most objectives or broken into separately managed solutions dependent on how conservative or aggressive the customer’s risk profile suggests.

Your money stays at Schwab / TD Ameritrade and you can withdraw it as you would from any custodial or brokerage account. In addition, accounts can be set up with check writing privileges, debit cards, and other features.

Our standard fee is 1% Annually based on Assets under Management but this may vary depending on account type. The Adviser’s annual fee shall be negotiable in certain cases and be pro-rated and paid in advance on a quarterly basis. No increase in the annual fee shall be effective without prior written notification to the Client. Clients are responsible for custodial fees and transaction costs.

There is never any obligation to stay with our program. So in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, you may terminate the relationship at any time by notifying us immediately.