Why The Stock Market Could Be Poised For Another Plunge

Stocks rallied another 4.5% in May, taking their total gain from the March lows to 39%. When we put this result into the context of an estimated 52.8% annualized decline in GDP during the current quarter (via the Atlanta Fed), equity valuations have just risen to new record highs....

New Changes In Law Will Help Those Near Retirement And Others Weather Coronavirus's Financial Storm.

The new coronavirus outbreak and economic measures to contain it could have a significantly negative impact on retirement preparations for millions of Americans. Account balances have been depleted by the stock market collapse. Many people now need to tap into their accounts to make ends meet. Others, facing layoffs or reduced hours, won't have the income to make investment contributions. Still others, in their early 60s, will start taking Social Security benefits as soon as they can, locking in lower monthly payments for the rest of their lives. But the fallout isn't entirely bad...

Christopher Cole On Appreciating Risk

Christopher Cole is one of the foremost thinkers and practitioners in the world of volatility trading. Chris discusses his personal evolution as a trader and hedge fund manager and also shares his unique insights into portfolio construction gleaned from an extensive study of market history.

A Gilded Depression: Gold and Volatility in a Brave New World

Hugh Hendry, joins Raoul Pal to analyze the state of markets at this unprecedented juncture of uncertainty and to reflect on a lifetime of macro investing. Raoul and Hugh explore how gold could perform in a debt deflation and whether central bank largesse is sufficient to help risk assets weather the storm. After a thorough investigation into the interplay between volatility and price, they contemplate the prospect of a “gilded depression” – one in which cataclysmic economic disaster is kept solvent by never-ending fiscal stimulus and where asset prices are continually re-inflated by incessant injections of central bank liquidity.

The Magic of Compounding.

Compounding investment earnings is what can make even small investments become large investments given enough time. How It Works – The money you save (either in a savings account, a mutual funds or in individual stocks) earns interest. Then you earn interest on the money you originally save, plus on the interest you've accumulated. As your savings grow, you earn interest on a bigger and bigger pool of money. For example...